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Hello, my dear friends today we talked about the new lottery gaming app which name is the TC Lottery app. We are going to tell you in today’s article how to earn by placing your bet in the win-go colour prediction game available in the TC lottery app.

We will also tell you how to increase your commission in activities in the TC lottery app or how to make your wallet strong.

TC Lottery
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How To Play The Earning Colour Prediction Game In Tc Lottery App:

 As you select the Win Go game, you will see different three colours red, green or violet on the home page of this game.

Tc Lottery App

You have to earn by placing bets on these colours. Whatever your favourite colour is, you can make your prediction. After placing your bet you will have to wait five minutes for the results to come. Your selected colour comes in results to you have won this round. 

Activities In TC Lottery App:

There are many activities available in the TC lottery apk for your entertainment or earning.

Get One Percent Every Day:

After this, you will be given an extra one per cent cashback in your app. How if you recharge with USDT, you will get 1℅ of your recharge amount every day through this APK.

Tc lottery APK

Win Streak Krishna Rank:

By participating in the best activities, your earnings can be in lakhs by winning Krishna rank. By winning your victory, you can win lakhs of cash. Your rank must be important and by increasing your winning rate you can earn real cash rewards.

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In today’s article on the TC lottery app, we have told about how to play your colour prediction game and how to get bonus results in activities.

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